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Searching for a Gutter cleaning service near you?

At Shiny Happy Windows we know a thing or two about the importance of keeping your gutters cleaned and performing optimally. The fact is, your gutters play a vital role in the protection of your home or business from a range of water-related risks.

When gutters become clogged with leaves, twigs, pests, animal nesting, or other debris, your gutters quickly turn from optimally performing structures to a potential hazard to your structure.

From roof to foundation damage, and even interior flooding due to pooling water, these risks can easily be mitigated with our professional gutter cleaning services in Wichita, KS.

Ready to keep your gutters flowing? We can help!


What are the Benefits of Gutter Cleaning?

Wichita Gutter Cleaning Services That Keep Your Gutters Performing Optimally!

Reduce the Risk of Flooding in your home

Gutters are designed to efficiently and reliably mediate and direct water in a way that ensures it doesn’t back up in your roof or pool around your foundation. Obstructions can cause this process to fail, resulting in excessive water pooling and seeping in where it doesn’t belong. Let our Wichita team unclog your gutters today!

Prevent Pests from Taking Up Shop

Pooling water stuck in gutters, as well as debris, is the perfect breeding ground for pests. From mosquitoes to earwigs and other creepy crawlers, clogged gutters can cause a real headache.

Preserve the appeal and aesthetics of your siding and home

Clogged gutters are not only unappealing, they can indirectly cause additional wear, discoloration, unsightly stains, and water damage to the siding.


Are you a Veteran, Active Duty Military, First Responder, or Teacher?

We offer $25.00 off Residential Window and Gutter Cleanings for all First Responders, Active Duty Military, Veterans, and Teachers.  Be sure to let us know your are a Local Hero when you book your appointment.


How Often Should you clean your gutters?

It Depends. At a minimum we suggest with the changing seasons.

But depending on the area where you live, and other elements such as pests, animal activity, and trees, you may need more frequent cleaning carried out on site.

Not quite sure what you need or what you can do to save money while keeping your gutters performing as intended? Give us a call or reach out. We love helping home and business owners alike find solutions custom-tailored to meet their needs, address their concerns, and match their budget.


How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost?

It depends. At Shiny Happy Windows we offer a range of high-value services that provide superior results you can rely on without breaking the bank. The actual cost of gutter cleaning for our Wichita residents depends on the type of home, size, type and length of the gutters, as well as the level or extent of buildup.

Call or message today and find out why so many local residents and businesses trust our team to take care of their most prized possession: their home or business.

With years of experience and a team that truly has a passion for customer service and satisfaction, you can’t go wrong!