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82nd airborne division
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Hi. I'm Ross.

I am a veteran who served between 1991 and 1995 in the 82nd Airborne.

After my military training, I was an airplane mechanic for Cessna for fifteen years and most of that time was spent in Independence, KS. After being laid off in Wichita, my wife encouraged me to follow my dreams and work for myself. After I got out of the army, I had moved to Montana—because who doesn’t want to live where “A River Runs Through It” and fish to one’s trout-loving heart’s content? While there, I worked with a friend of mine chimney sweeping and window cleaned on the side. I remembered how much I liked the work and how good I felt being self-directed. I figured this was the best time to give it a real go.

And I’m happy to say, I’ve never been happier working—for you! As they say, supporting a local business means you aren’t helping a multi-millionaire buy another yacht. What you’re doing is helping me make my wife happy by putting a little extra down on the mortgage and paying off the loan for my children’s vision therapy. Providing my daughter with old copies of the Nancy Drew Files her mother introduced her to because no libraries carry them. Sending my middle child to sports camps to get rid of his excess energy and make me jealous of his six pack abs. Purchasing my littlest son a suit every Easter complete with cravat and pocket watch.

That’s what you’re doing for me, and for you, I hope to help you and your family enjoy the world outside your window and the fire in your hearth without you needing to lift a finger. Contact me today to learn more about our window cleaning services in Wichita and get a free estimate!

Meet My Family

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My wife and I have been married since 2001, and we have three great children who all want to grow up to be window washers because they just can’t wait to help me assist the people in the Wichita area to enjoy their view….and possibly because they think that means they can escape doing math! 

My daughter, when she’s able to help, has been the best helper I could ask for and wants your windows to shine just as much as I do. 

My wife helps me behind the scenes—IT, ad copy, website administration, balancing the books, and all that jazz—when she isn’t busy writing novels, that is. She has more than 10 published works, and I’m proud to say you can find her in the local libraries and most anywhere that sells books.